Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Workington Red Sox vs Chester FC - Match Trundle

Chester travel to Workington again tonight for an encounter that promises to be as cold as the last trip was wet.

The original attempt to play the match in December had to be called off due to torrential rain, though you'd be forgiven for thinking that it was all the referee's fault if your only source of information is Deva Chat. Indeed the fans' message board reached one of its many lows as fans criticised a solitary human being for the freak conditions.

"We're all responsible really," mused West Stand philosopher Jean Smokeash. "Climate change, man. We gotta do something about it."

Meanwhile, fans who claimed to have received messages from residents of Workington that day informing them that the game would never be on, but who travelled anyway have recently realised that they've no-one to blame but themselves in that case.

The big news leading into tonight's game is that Lee Trundle has signed for the Blues, sparking outrage on Deva Chat.

"Lee Trundle? I couldn't be angrier if someone stole my identity then used the credit card to buy a Grey's Anatomy boxset," snarled away day regular Jerry Basketweaver. "What do we need with a man with over 100 Football League goals? We're not even in the Football League."

Somewhere lost in the irrational outpouring of bile, mostly spewed forth by those Blues fans who think that playing football for two clubs who are quite close to each other should be punishable by death, is the rather more sensible point that a Chester team which is 16 points clear with four strikers already in the squad could probably do with saving their cash. However, others believe that Trundle's signing could put an extra hundred on the gate.

"He was in Soccer AM a lot, and Trundle is just a funny name, so people may come along... Or should I say trundle along?!", cackled one of those West Standers that you get.

A win for Chester will tighten their already vice-like grip on the title. A loss, and Blue Square want their money back.

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