Friday, 15 February 2013

Corby Town vs Chester FC - Match Meditate

Chester are back in league action this weekend as they attempt to capitalise upon Guiseley’s failed midweek attempt to win a football match.

It is estimated that 73% of the Chester-supporting populus listened to a crackled radio commentary of the Gloucester v Guiseley match on Tuesday, whilst 100% of their family members spent the evening looking terribly dismayed that this is what their lives have come to.

“Seriously, who was tuning into that mess?”, questioned Blues manager Neil Young. “I didn’t even listen myself, just waited until I got a text off Bansky."

The Steel Park outfit have struggled this season and lie dangerously close to the relegation zone, but received a boost to their safety this week when Colwyn Bay, who lie below them, inexplicably named Frank Sinclair as their new manager.

"We decided Frank was the man, after reading his Tweets," confirmed Bay chairman Bob Paton.  "It was between him and Jamie Rainford."

The Blues head into the clash with only one recognised right sided midfielder in Dave Hankin, and Young has revealed that he was hoping to add some competition in this area prior to the fixture.

“Dave is more than capable, it’s just that it’s been really dull on Deva Chat this week so I wanted to give ‘em something else to talk about,” explained the Seal Leader. “Mind you, if Corby have got decent pies then DC is gonna GO OFF on Saturday night – don’t even tell me if they’ve got a free highlights package too”.

Young has full squad to choose from for the fixture, apart from George Horan who is rated 50-50 after reporting that he feels "a bit queasy" about the thought that he may, at some point, have unwittingly eaten horse meat.

“I’ve asked George to be a bit more open minded about meat” retorted Young. “I ate some Babirusa once – it was delicious."

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