Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Player out of focus - Marc Williams

Since signing for the club last season, Marc Williams has become a fans favourite by virtue of his stylish link-up play, impressive work ethic and the fact that he uses his shoulders more than his legs when he runs.

A former Wrexham player, Williams' initial unveiling was greeted with contempt by the usual Chester fans who think that football rivallry is a real thing, rather than an amusing aside to an already pointless pastime.  However, the former Wales Under 21 forward has won over many a supporter, with some even moving to label him "The Ginger Messi".

"It's ironic, because we call him 'The Messy Ginger'," muses manager Neil Young.  "Always spills his lunch all over himself, you see.  And uses a lot of ginger in his food."

A recent stint in the side saw Williams named Man of the Match three times in a row, leaving the forward with a surplus of champagne.

"I had loads of the stuff, so me, Sarce [Antoni Sarcevic] and George Horan [George Horan] built a podium in my back garden and pretended we were Grand Prix winners," reminisces Williams.  "It was all fun and games til George sprayed his bottle all over my cat.  It went mental on him - quite scary for a moment."

Some genius Blues have moved against the tide in recent weeks, claiming that Williams's lack of goals renders him a luxury player.  Whilst this might sound very clever (and it doesn't), it is objectively nonsense. 

The Blues have scored 29 goals in the eight and a half league games since Williams returned to the side as a second half substitute against Bishop's Stortford.  Tellingly, the Blues have managed only six of those goals with Williams not on the pitch (Williams having not started four of the matches in question, and having only played the full 90 once.) 

Four of those Marc-less goals came in one game against Droylesden - equalling the highest number of goals scored in a single match by a Chester side missing Marc Williams this season.  By contrast, Williams has helped the Blues to score five goals in a match on three occasions this season.  On each of those occasions he was then substituted, with the thitherto-rampant CFC only managing to contribute an extra two goals across the three matches, once shorn of the former Kidderminster man.

Furthermore, Williams was left out of the starting line-up for both matches this year in which Chester failed to score.

"He should still touch it last more often," grumps the Devachatter known as 'blindprejudice'.

The tricky forward also has two snooker world championships to his name, but prefers not to talk about that period of his life.

"That wasn't me.  Stop asking me about that," snaps the modest 24-year-old who is also a former Chicago-based software company responsible for creating Coherent - one of the first Unix-like operating systems for IBM PCs.

Marc Williams is available whilst stocks last.

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