Thursday, 6 October 2011

Awards Galore for Chester

Neil Young leads his squad into the home game with Chasetown on the back of the Manager of the Month award, and also the Fair Play accolade after his team only picked up five cautions throughout September.

Chester picked up the Fair Play award for a month in which, by pure coincidence, George Horan had to sit out a couple of games.

"Sure, George has missed a couple of games, and that's helped us to save money on fines for yellow cards" said Chairman The Pilsbury Dough Boy

"But it would be wrong to imply that we have won the fair play award just because we've not had a player on the pitch who is intent on using centre forwards as a climbing frame and getting in the odd fight.  Other factors have come into play.  For example, Matty McNeil helped a goalkeeper tie his laces at the start of the month, so he didn't have to take his gloves off.  And Neil Young has shaken hands with the managers he's faced, which immediately puts him ahead of petty children like Garry Flitcroft."

Horan is, however, well known for his borderline GBH antics.

“If you reckon the Boston Crab, a chokeslam and the odd dropkick makes me guilty, then I guess I'm guilty” said the skipper.

George ‘Stone Cold’ Horan is well on his way to collecting the coveted ‘Dirtiest Player since Cortez Belle’ award. Belle, now picking up suspensions for Port Talbot FC, was alleged to have headbutted a hole in the changing room door at Northampton during his time at Chester and has since picked up a 7 (seven) match ban whilst plying his trade at Merthyr Town.  Indeed, criticism has been levelled at Horan for failing to commit his acts of violence with the same look of glee often found spread across Belle's face.

"I can't grin that widely" confessed the centre back, after being shown footage of Belle's antics by NATV, before being charged for the privilege by club officials.

Meanwhile, Gary Jones has revealed that Neil Young has been keeping a low profile since winning the Manager of the Month award.

“Neil’s asked me to take recent training sessions due to fears about the manager of the month curse. In truth, he’s rarely left his house in case anything sinister happens.  When I phoned him the other day he sounded shaky and took some convincing that I wasn’t a Chorley spy.”

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