Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Blues in Brief (LOL, pun)

'Ello Cupcake
Chester are expecting a bumper crowd for Think Pink day at the Exacta. Anticipation has reached fever pitch amongst locals at the chance of them getting their hands on a sweaty Ash Williams pink sock in the auction afterwards.

Chief Exec Patrice Evruskey commented “It was a roaring success last year, I saw the smiles on fans' faces when they had a pink cupcake. Then I thought to myself 'why am I staring at people eating?'”

Tyresome Training
Liam Brownhill recently took to social media networks to publicly thank Alex Brown for helping him with a flat tyre that he discovered after training. Brownhill is yet to discover that it was actually Brown who slashed his tyres in the first place in order to further enhance his prankster reputation. Brown was spotted cackling to himself when driving away from the training ground. 

“That’s the Brown Dog for you.  Frightening.” giggled Neil Young.

Mersey Fail
After last year’s "Manager For A Day" auction  saw storage guru Andrew Donaldduck take over Neil Young's position for 24 hours in pre-season, officials for The City Fans United have confirmed plans are afoot for a similar scheme next pre-season, but with a unique twist. 

“We’ll give the chance for a local businessman to be Neil and have his say in how Mersey Rail is run for a day” revealed Lamb Shanks, spokesman for The City Fans United.

“They’ll ride the New Brighton line and check that the stations are kept in good nick.”

It was also confirmed that plans for a ‘Be a Chris Pilsbury For A Day’ auction have been shelved.

The Ex Players association continues to go from strength to strength after an evening hosted by Jonathan Legard was declared a success. This was an opportunity for Senior Blues to meet with the heroes from days gone by and come to the conclusion that nothing will ever beat Sealand Road, despite the fact we'd all be blind from the rust by now. Other highlights included a breakdown of that cup game everyone goes on about when we played Aston Villa 134 years ago, and anything to do with Grenville Millington and Gary Talbot.

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