Thursday, 20 October 2011


Chester’s players and manager turn their hand to Haiku, a Japanese form of poetry that takes the format of five syllables, followed by seven syllables, followed by another five:

Standing on my deck
Excited for the weekend
Alas, I did fall
Chris Simm muses on his injury

Hair blows in the wind
How does my quiff stay sturdy?
Ye, 'tis scaffolding
Michael Powell explains the secret behind non-league's most impressive fringe

Left foot or right foot
Which is my stronger trotter?
I keep them guessing
Liam Brownhill on his versatility

Nothing comical
About Brownhill obvious
He is hard to mock
The Jestrian's editor laments the difficulty inherent in trying to get Liam Brownhill mentioned on the blog

I score many goals
I can teach your kid to, too
Give me fifty quid
Michael Wilde shamelessly plugs his soccer school

I am a striker
I know full well how to strike
I am a postman
Matty McNeil confirms why he has not been playing at centre back, as was expected

The injury curse
How it does strike so often
It's a bit of a hassle to be honest as Simmo's in excellent form but it's a chance to get Wildey back in and Jamie Rainford will now have a chance to prove his worth, provided that the referee's assistant isn't too flag-happy.
Neil Young fails to follow the format, and talks for ages, as per usual

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