Wednesday, 8 February 2012

And if you know your history...

Chester fans are up in arms over the announcement that Club Historian Jazz Winter's forthcoming book is entitled "Why Sealand Road wasn't that great".

Winter, famous amongst Blues followers for his book "On the Washing Line", has controversially penned a 300-page rant about why Chester's old stadium wasn't as good as people make out.

"I had the idea for the book when I was standing on the terrace at Sealand Road, and a bit of rust fell in my eye," explained an embittered Winter.  "It's taken a while to get there, but it's finally ready for publication."

Sealand Road is remembered affectionately by those who like to believe that their memory of the ground makes them better than those too young to have visited it.  Such fans often write the Exacta off as being "made of Lego".

"Lego is preferrable to scrap metal as a building material, to be honest," said a builder we asked.  Though he was Danish.

However, this isn't enough to silence furious Chester fans.

"I can't believe Jazz Winter has done this. I'd rather he slagged off my kids," raved Gerard Baker of the Senior Blues.  "Sealand Road was like a home from home to many of us.  Giles Brandreth probably claimed his second home allowance on it when he was in office."

CFC Board Member The Dark Owl was asked for his opinion, but it was clear that he was going to go on for ages about how ace Sealand Road was, and our reporters left him mid-flow.

"Doubt we'll beat the Giles Brandreth reference anyway," remarked The Jestrian.  "Who'd have thought he'd get a mention?"

Winter has confirmed that he is currently writing other books, offering the working titles of "Stuart Rimmer needed six chances to get a goal", "The Macclesfield exile was a right laugh" and "Them five strikers who scored 100 goals between them - how I bet half of them rebounded in off their shins, were wildly deflected or pennos."

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