Friday, 24 February 2012

Chester FC vs Buxton FC - Match Filter

Chester welcome Buxton to the Exacta stadium tomorrow, in a reverse of the tie that saw the teams draw 1-1 at The Silverlands, on one of them weekday nights where even the most ardent of football fans wished they'd stayed home.

"No amount of Bovril could have saved me that night," admitted super fan "igotoallthegames" off of The Devachats.

The Silverlands match-up was also the stage upon which John Danby's record-breaking run of clean sheets finally came to an end, as Buxton's Josh Wilde smashed home a goal in the second half.  Most of the Chester players and fans were gutted, whilst a select few Blues followers decided to get their money's worth from their "Wilde Thing" t-shirts, and celebrated Buxton's goal as though it had been scored by Michael himself.

After the game, Chronicle word-smith and podcast rent-a-guest The Tall Peacock described the encounter as a "blood-and-thunder clash" - a claim notable for its apparent lacking in irony.

"Well, we've got a bit of an injury list, so hopefully this time it'll be more like a graze-and-drizzle kerfuffle, eh Peacock?" chuckled a mischievous Chester manager Neil Young during his press conference. 

"Or maybe a bruise-and-breeze skirmish?  I hope so.  I don't want to lose any more players to injury, and Gary Jones is scared of thunder and lightning.  The weather phenomenon, that is, not the Gladiators.  They were boss."

The press conference took a slight detour as Leader stalwart Tennis Ball disputed the existence of a Gladiator called Thunder, but Young insisted that there was one in the Australian version, and was subsequently proven correct by Google.

"Don't quiz me on the Gladiators, bro," glared a deadly serious Chester boss.

Buxton's witty and intelligent followers are famous for having discovered the Jestrian long before most Blues fans jumped on the bandwagon, and also for having had their fans' message board raided by an abusive Blues "supporter"  whose embarrassing behaviour was thankfully hidden from a wider audience by the stringent privacy settings in place on the forum.

"We don't let just anyone post," said regular contributer Ginny.  "We've seen on The Devachats what happens if you let certain sections of society have an opinion."

The travellers who had set up camp in the Exacta car park were moved on earlier in the week, drawing a mixed reaction from the board.

"It caused us a headache briefly," admitted The Dark Owl.

"Then we realised that the parking situation couldn't actually be made any worse, and it might be handy to have people put off stopping in the car park.  Or at least to have them blame someone external.  By the time we realised this, the travellers had left the premises.  We tried to get them back, but it was too late.  Wounding."

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