Wednesday, 22 February 2012

BiG Lupus is still about

BiG Lupus yesterday finally crawled out from whatever storage room he's been living in to take a trip to Grosvenor Garden Centre.

The lovable mascot - provided and sponsored by self-storage company Safestore - was wheeled out by The City Fans United in an attempt to promote the club.

"Where better to pick up football fans than a garden centre?" enthused Lamb Shanks, the official face of The City Fans United.

"We even found former Chester City right-back Simon Marples down there.  Well into his gardening, that lad.  He had no choice though, to be fair to him."

Lupus - provided and sponsored by self-storage company - wandered around the garden centre for a bit, nudging elderly patrons and saying "come the Buxton game, you know you want to."

There was a brief commotion as one 78-year-old customer, who only wanted to buy some chrysanthemums, mistook the friendly Lupus - provided and sponsored by self-storage company Lock Stock Self Storage - for an altogether more vicious type of wolf.

"Ooh, I was petrified," said Gladys Potterabout. 

"At first I thought it was a dog.  Or maybe a squirrel.  Then I thought it looked like it might be a fox.  Eventually, I decided it was a wolf, and ran screaming."

Lupus sported a never-before-seen yellow shirt, in homage to the company that provides and sponsors him - The Big Yellow Self Storage Company.  Asked why, given that he was promoting CFC, Lupus hadn't been provided with a classic blue and white shirt, Lamb Shanks muttered something about it being laundry day.

Lupus himself was unavailable for comment, as he is a wolf, and wolfs can't talk.

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