Monday, 19 September 2011

Chester prepare for a good Hyde-ing. (Hyde-ing... "LOL")

Chester return to action on Tuesday evening when they take on Hyde FC in the Cheshire Senior Cup and manager Neil Young is expected to award some of the fringe players with some much needed game time, partially for fitness reasons but mostly because many of the key players don’t hold all that much interest in the competition.

“It’s a bit disappointing really” admitted Young.

“I sent the lads a group text to see who was up for it but Simmo needs to put his bins out, Matty McNeil felt insulted that I’d asked him to play in such a pointless game and a few of the other lads want to stay in for the Leeds vs Man Utd game.  Four of the squad didn't even get back to me, but I'm trying not to get insecure about that. To be honest, I might just swerve this one myself and ask Gary Jones to take over for the night if he's free.”

One player making a welcome return is Michael Wilde, back after a period on the sidelines due to injury. In an interview with the Seals Podcast, which wasn't aired after he spent too much time sounding a bit like Steven Gerrard, Wilde admitted his relief that the Hyde clash is an away match.

“Home games are a little uncomfortable” explained Wilde. “I usually have to endure people hilariously singing ‘Wilde Thing’ at me outside the ground, and then Cleggy has it on loop once I'm inside."

Fans hoping to see Bradley Barnes play 90 minutes may be disappointed. Despite not being asked any questions that were even vaguely related to Barnes, Neil Young explained that he "had a bad feeling" about the midfielder playing the full match as he doesn’t trust "men with alliterative names".

It’s not known how many away fans will attend the fixture, as the Cheshire Senior Cup is generally an inconvenience and usually involves playing a team that sounds like somewhere you’d go to have your Badminton racquet re-strung. The specatators that attend CSC games are typically the same type of people who woke up at an unspeakable hour of the morning to watch the unrelenting festival of dirge that was Nigeria v Sweden during the 2002 World Cup.

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