Friday, 16 September 2011

McGinn move hits roadblock

Matty McGinn has impressed fans and staff alike in his loan spell, but his proposed permanent move to Chester is subject to the Evo Stik Northern Premier actioning a rule change.

Under the constitutional rules of the league, it is prohibited to have two players called "Matty McSomething" in one team, as "this can be confusing for fans, who will forget which is which", and Chester's squad already contains Matty McNeil.

In section 89 of the constitution, entitled "Rules we've put in for a laugh", having two players called "Patrick O'Something" is also outlawed, whilst a team that ends on precisely 87 points with a goals difference between +15 and +21 will be presented with a giant toblerone to share between them.  Furthermore, a team containing three or more players with lurid green boots will have to start any given game with a two goal deficit, and this is thought to be the real reason behind Michael Aspin's depature.

Manager Neil Young managed to gain special dispensation to have a team containing two Matty Mcs following the departure of Rob Marsh-Evans, and is now lobbying the league to change their rules to allow McGinn into his squad permanently.

"They've said they'll allow it if I promise not to field them both at the same time, but I think that's still some way short of being fair" said Young.

"We'll keep looking for ways to move forward.  I've broached the idea with Matty McGinn that he changes his name to Patty McGinn by deed poll.  He wasn't keen on that, but he did say he'd consider changing it to Mervyn Spotkick so that could be an option yet."

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