Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Jamie Rainford's Facebook account to come under constant surveillance

It emerged today that Jamie Rainford's Facebook account will be under minute-to-minute surveillance following tonight's game away at Ashton.  Win or lose, fans will be logging on as part of an organised vigil in which they will seek to further villify the club's record signing.

Rainford, who admittedly doesn't help himself by using the self-assigned nickname "Ronaldo", has in excess of 2400 "friends" on Facebook, meaning his status updates are witnessed by more people than have typically shown up at the Exacta on matchdays this season.  He has angered nosier Chester fans this season by having a social life even when Chester lose, and by expressing his disappointment at having failed to make the impact he would have liked to early in his Chester career.

"It is important that as fans, we can criticise players for anything imaginable, and if that means having to hunt for statuses on Facebook because there's not enough going on on the pitch, then so be it" said 34 year old Harry Griffin who has added nine Chester first teamers to his Facebook friend list, including 16 year old Joe Ormrod, which is a bit creepy really.

"When we paid money for Rainford, he sacrificed basic human rights like the right to be frustrated and the right to post vaguely inadvisable things on social networking sites" said another fan.

"That's why tonight we'll be checking every photo he comments on, every person he pokes and every status update he writes for excuses to cause a massive fuss.  The players last season didn't do this kind of thing, you know.  At least, I don't think they did.  Maybe they just didn't as readily allow people like me to invade their privacy?  Come to think of it, why am I adding these people like they're my friends?  Excuse me, I'm off to reassess my life."

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