Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Fans and players start to dream of Senior Cup glory

Chester got their Cheshire Senior Cup campaign underway last night with a 2-0 victory over Hyde, and whilst everyone will talk about taking each game as it comes, it is inconceivable that the team will not be allowing themselves the odd daydream.

"I remember watching the Senior Cup as a lad" said Robbie Booth.

"It's got such a rich tradition, and it would be amazing to be part of a side that could win the competition."

Chester's fans have a similar view.

"It's time the cup came home" insisted B Block regular Kevin Pond.

"I think we all remember the heartbreak of 2002 when the team was dumped out of the competition for illegally fielding Chris Tate against Stockport.  But now it's our time.  No-one will take this away from us."

Indeed, it's been an impressive start.  The Blues produced a dominant display last night to overcome higher league opposition, and fans who were scathing of Young and his tactics just weeks ago are now drooling with positivity.

"I'm struggling to think of a happier period in my life" admitted 'wishwehadharvey' off of The Devachat.

"After the Nantwich game I'd taken to prank calling Neil just to cause him and his family inconvenience and let him know we won't stand for those sort of lame performances, and thankfully he has listened because now everything is super."

In a further explosion of happiness, Michael Wilde made his return to action and it didn't take long for him to register his first goal of the season. Despite numerous requests made to the staff of Hyde United before the game that they include 'Wilde Thing' in their playlist, the Hyde officials politely declined in the interest of integrity. This led many travelling supporters to download an mp3 of the song on their phone and a tinny version of the song engulfed Ewen Fields when Wilde found the net.  Things got momentarily sticky when it became apparent that a prominent member of The City Fans United had accidently downloaded the German version and it's fair to say that "Wilde thing, machen Sie mein Herz singen" didn't really catch on.

The media spoke to Young after the game but were struggling to make sense of his answers as he reeled off lines such as "we don't stop, never give up, and we often hold our heads high and reach the top" and "I've never had a dream come true".  It later emerged that in the interests of fun, the Blues supremo had taken to fitting in as many S Club 7 lyrics into his post match press conference as possible.  Reporters finally cottoned on to the joke when Young responded to the question of how the team were preparing for Saturday's game against Stafford by saying "Paul's getting down on the floor, Hannah's screaming out for more."

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