Friday, 23 September 2011

Neil Young elaborates on "scary" Alex Brown

Following Tuesday night's victory over Hyde, Chester manager Neil Young proclaimed to the Chester Chronicle that a fully fit Alex Brown could be "scary".  A cultured, classy and composed midfielder, many were baffled that Young should choose to describe Brown in these terms.

When asked to elaborate, Young explained "Brown Dog has been causing mayhem recently. He stayed late after training the other day and hid in Pat McCluskey's car boot before springing out and scaring the everloving snot out of him when he got home."

In a bold tactical approach, Gary Jones admitted that Chester have started using Brown's spine tingling antics to the team's advantage.

"We've asked Rabid Al to unsettle the opposition by telling them really scary stories during the game whilst holding a torch to his face.  We may need a heavier approach to the Chorley clash, at which point 'The Browninator' will threaten to break into the Chorley players' houses whilst the match is in session in order to leave the taps running.

The slippery customer has also been caught pulling away Barry Hipkiss's office chair just as the club stalwart was taking his seat.

"It's getting out of hand" muttered injured midfielder Ashley Williams.

"He keeps hiding around corners and bursting out, and creeping up behind me very quietly. It's really getting to me, I keep imagining his face appearing at the window when I close my curtains at night".

Club officials have refused to comment on rumours that Alex Brown will be available for hire with the Halloween party season looming, but have confirmed that they are looking at costings for producing and selling Alex Brown costumes.

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