Thursday, 1 September 2011

COYB officially "lame"

Scientists at The Royal Institute for Acronyms and Abbreviations last night confirmed that using the abbreviation COYB in place of the phrase "Come on you Blues" is lame.  Experiments confirming that it is also tedious were completed this morning.

Dr Bill Puhlumb, the lead scientist in the experimentations stated "Ironically, it's people with too much time on their hands who find it necessary to abbreviate the already short phrase and plaster it on their Facebook page.  This whole thing came about when I realised that people had enough time to write a status about their football team on Facebook, but apparently not enough time to write their sentiments out in full.  These sorts anomalies spark experiments, and this seemed one worth looking into."

The experiment turned back the results that the abbreviation COYB is "significantly lame" and that people who deploy it are just 5% less tedious than the kind of person who brings their newborn baby to work.

Kevin Jones, ardent Chester fan and regular user of the COYB abbreviation expressed his disappointment at the findings; "I'd never realised it, but with this report, it has clearly been scientifically proven that I am a complete dullard".

Meanwhile, COYB-sceptic and West Stand regular Liam Kelly was delighted by the report, saying "This just confirms what many of us have been saying for so long.  It's not funny, it's not clever and it embarrasses us real Chester fans, who are proud enough of our club to say the full words.  I'm pretty sure COYB is something Everton fans use, actually, and we don't want to be like them do we?  Imagine having hoards of fans turning up to games pretending that they saw Dixie Dean play in his heyday. It'd be a nightmare."

Also as a result of these experiments, it has been confirmed that the abbreviation commonly used by Liverpool fans, YNWA (You'll Never Walk Alone), is similarly tiresome.

"The fact that YNWA is an anagram of YAWN is not a coincidence" stated Dr Puhlumb.

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