Thursday, 8 September 2011

Michael Powell continues to suffer from severe bout of not being Bradley Barnes

Chester midfielder Michael Powell last night continued his struggle against not being Bradley Barnes, during Chester's 2-0 victory away to Ashton.  Despite being part of a professional performance in which Chester produced a solid win in spite of awful weather, Powell was unable to match the expectations of certain parts of the crowd that he be Bradley Barnes.

Powell, who a bit looks like actor Michael Sheen, (who, ironically, would probably have a good shot at being Bradley Barnes) has produced a string of solid performances this season, but has still fallen short of being Bradley Barnes.

The midfielder has found a kindred spirit in Liam Brownhill, whose quality performances at right back have been similarly overshadowed by his not being Michael Aspin.

"I hate change, I hate change, I hate change, why does it have to change?!" raved one Main Stand regular

Powell was subjected to criticism from certain sections of last night's travelling fans, with shouts of "Bring Back Bradley!", "I preferred last season!" and "Your name isn't alliterative!" heard around the ground.

"It infuriates loyal fans like me that Powell is allowed to continue playing in the side when he is not Bradley Barnes" said Kyle Garrett of Blacon.

"I'm taking it as a personal insult to me and my mother that Powell keeps getting picked despite making no effort to be Bradley Barnes.  We love Bradley.  He scored some vital goals last season.  What's Powell done?"

Powell, signed from Southport in March, scored a goal in each of the final four games of last season during Chester's incredibly tense title run-in, at the end of which they eventually won the league on goals difference.

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