Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Born Sloppy

Blues boss Neil Young has overseen his side’s surge to the top of the league, but this hasn’t prevented the hairless scouser making numerous references to “sloppiness”.

In a clear display of affection for the word, Young has mentioned it in recent interviews with the Evening Leader, the Chester Chronicle, The Blue and White, The Cestrian, that Dee 106.3 football show they have now, the Seals Podcast, Radio Merseyside's Non-League Show, Chester Tonight, his official blog, and probably loads of other tedious media outlets determined to ensure Young is forced to repeat himself as often as humanly possible in the local press.

Despite such words as 'slack', 'careless' and 'slapdash' being readily available for use, Young has stuck bullishly to the concept of 'sloppiness' when referring to defending, missed chances, surrendering possession, a whale that washed up on Skegness beach, Jones of Flint, Lauren Laverne's command of the autocue on 10 O'Clock Live, his wife’s cooking, Elton Welsby, the splint on John Danby's finger and a recent karaoke performance of Lady in Red by Gary Powell.

Assistant manager Gary Jones was quick to leap to his master’s defence in response to recent allegations made by vocabulary enthusiasts that Young’s interviews themselves have become “sloppy”.

“To be fair to the gaffer, he’s got to do so many interviews and there just aren't enough words to use a different one each time, so he’s plumped for "sloppy". That said, he did use it in realation to Michael Powell’s quiff at training last Thursday which is a little disrespectful.  Powelly puts a lot of time and effort into his fringe and it was just a windy night, that’s all. He was inconsolable for a while, poor mite,” said Jones.

Following the Frickley match at the weekend, Young was asked whether he has stopped trying in his post-match chats.

“Listen, you all want to speak to Youngy, but you always want to know about the football, don't you?! There’s more to me than football, you know.  But nobody asks about the trains do they?  I’m good at that job too.  Hooton Railway Station looks brilliant now the bridge has been completed - ask me about that, go on,” raged a confrontational Young.

“We probably should have installed toilets on the trains by now though, bit of sloppiness on my part maybe."

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