Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Is Your Business Backing the Jestrian?

The Jestrian has today launched an exciting new initiative for 2012, which is to showcase Businesses 'Backing the Jestrian!' as we continue our journey of success here in a very amateur-looking corner of the internet, and it's a very affordable way for businesses any size to show their support for The Jestrian...
Backing the Jestrian!
Silver Package - £25 plus VAT
- Your company's name deliberately misspelt in a future article
- Our Jestrian Twitter will send a tweet to nearly 230 followers, telling them that you've given us some money.  The Tall Peacock will inevitably retweet this to the 20-odd followers that he has these days, for further coverage
- Our Jestrian Facebook page - liked by OVER 50 people - will not mention you, as we only tend to link to new articles on that
- We'll let you look at an article before it goes online one time

Gold Package - £50 plus VAT
The Silver package, plus
- We'll spell your name right, and even mention what you do
- Your company logo will appear at the head of the Jestrian homepage (provided you are willing to change your logo to a badly drawn Jester)
- We won't constantly mention that your competitors provide a far superior service, even if it's true
- I'll buy you a pint of Spitting Feathers

Platinum Package - £100 plus VAT
The Gold Package, plus:
- The name of your company will be mentioned in one of those long, rambling lists we do sometimes
- A News article on won't be sponsored by your company
- Elton Welsby
- I'll buy you a pint of something that isn't Spitting Feathers
The Emerald Package - £100,000 minus VAT
The Platinum Package plus
- Your company will sponsor any snipe at the Blue$ Player, ensuring that you are mentioned at least ten times a week
- You get to meet The Jestrian.  Maybe.  Make it £200,000.

So, to get involved today, contact our media team by sending a letter, by Carrier Pigeon, addressed to "The Jestrian".  The pigeons know where to find me.

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