Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Chester FC vs Burscough FC - Match Estimation

Chester seek to strengthen their grip on the top spot this evening as bottom side Burscough FC rock up at the Exacta.

With Northwich and Hednesford starting to fall laughably short of the pace, Chester have a chance to upgrade the gap between them and second place from "chasm" to "canyon-like".

Whilst Chester are the league's leading scorers, Burscough have the worst defensive record in the division. This suggests that, provided Neil Young doesn't bring in Fernando Torres before kick off, Chester should be confident of adding a few more to their goal tally.

"We always try to dress it up and talk about not underestimating the opposition, but let's be honest - this should be a cakewalk," swaggered Blues boss Young.  "Fancy a run out myself actually.  Youngy banging in the diving headers like back in the day?  On it like a car bonnet."

In the past, Burscough FC launched the career of Lee McEvilly, for which they earnt a hefty fine and a warning over their future conduct.  They also once had Mike Marsh in charge, but he resigned when it turned out that his knees were too bad to even stand in a dugout. 

Meanwhile, recent years have proved turbulent for the Lancashire outfit.  Reprieved from relegation at the end of last season after Ilkeston Town folded, Burscough started this season playing on Skelmersdale United's pitch.

"It was nice of them to offer, but the surface is still soaked in the Skem fans' tears, after they were soundly beaten into second place by Chester last year," admitted manager Derek Goulding.

Indeed, it was at Skelmersdale's West Lancashire College Stadium during Chester's 4-1 defeat of Burscough that two momentous events occurred.  Firstly, Jamie Rainford actually scored a goal.  Secondly, the concept of the Jestrian was raised for discussion, considered, rejected as a bad idea and then a week later done anyway.

The match is Chester's last for ten days.  The Blues have a free Saturday this weekend, after some genius in the police force decided that it would be better for Chester to play Chorley in a crunch match at the end of the season.

"Not to worry," said Neil Young.  "I can always arrange a friendly against AFC Newton or someone if I need a couple of players injuring."

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